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Suit Walk Taipei 2019

Rather like Pitti Uomo, Suit Walk provides an opportunity for men in Taiwan to celebrate their enthusiasm in menswear.

I was fortunate enough to be there and captured those little moments that demonstrate the vitality of this city.

Hope you enjoy it.

台北,一個充滿活力與創造力的城市。在第六屆的Suit Walk中,我有幸參與並紀錄下這珍貴的時刻。


Brian Shih (Founder of Suit Walk)

Charles Yang (It's me)

Willy Wang (The Anthology Taiwan)

Kris Hsiao (The Anthology Taiwan)

Robin Chang (Oak Room)

Annie Huang & Lorence Su (Oak Room)

Elisa Fang (Oak Room)

Gilbert Koo (Bryceland's Co.)

Shiung Chang

Moto Kwok-Fan (Sarto Ginza)

Jun Lin (Chianloop)

Shinway Wang (Syndro)

Stacy Chen

Fei Lee

Hsiang Wang

Mars Wu

David Chou (MS shoes)

Steven Wu (Steven W. leather)

Zoe Ying (GQ)

Denny Fu

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