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Charles Yang,科技業工程師,攝影師,經典男裝以及腕錶愛好者,​





"His blog’s moniker, Young Fogey, gives some sense of Taipei-based menswear photographer Charles Yang’s personal style. On the ‘gram, the talented young snapper documents both his own OOTDs and those of Taiwan’s sharpest gentlemen."


"位於台北的男裝攝影師Charles Yang,透過他的部落格YOUNG FOGEY,分享了他的個人風格以及品味。在Instagram中,這位充滿才華的年輕街拍攝影師記錄了他的日常穿搭以及那些台灣最會穿著的紳士們。"



"I’m always impressed by young gentlemen who have found their personal style so early in life. Charles started wearing the classic style three years ago, “because I wanted something comfortable yet elegant that I can wear for many years and will always be acceptable.”


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