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Pitti Uomo 95 - I

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Pitti Uomo, held twice a year, gathers the best-dressed men in the world.

These photos are my best bet of sharing the magnificent moments with you.

一年兩度的Pitti Uomo,聚集了全世界最會穿衣服的人們。


Rubinacci - Luca Rubinacci

The Armoury - Mark Cho

Permanent Style - Simon Crompton

Bryceland's Co. - Ethan Newton

Bryceland's Co. - Kenji Cheung

No Man Walks Alone - Greg

Shibumi - Benedikt Fries

Wellema Hat Company - Cody Wellema

JKF man - Jamie Ferguson

Beams - Tatsuya Nakamura

United Arrows - Yasuto Kamoshita

Thousand Yard Style - Robert Spangle

Grafford Skor Stockholm - Oliver Dannefalk

Mr. Button - Calvin Zang

The Anthology - Buzz Tang

The Anthology Taiwan - Willy Wang

Beams - Shuhei Nishiguchi

Beams - Toshihiro Yasutake

Oak Room - Robin Chang

Milan Style - Jonathan

The Decorum Bangkok - Guy

Spacca Neapolis - Nicola Radano

The Armoury - Jim Parker

Baltzar - Gabriel Cohen

Flannels and Tweed - Andreas

Limerius - Tim Muller

Savile Row Journal - Will Field

Anglo Italian - Jake Grantham

Anglo Italian - Alex Pirounis

Sartoria Corcos - Miyahira Katoro

Andreas Weinas

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